Message from General Manager

Megumi Kuriki

Licensed Labor and Social Security Attorney Office
Member of International labor law study group


Since the opening of our office in December 2017, we have been involved in a wide range of labor management services from venture companies to publicly listed companies, as well as foreign companies. We actively support organizational development with a focus on labor consultation, social insurance procedures on behalf of our clients, application for subsidies on their behalf, and making a work rules.
We provide our services with the hope that managers and HR personnel can concentrate on their core business, expand the size and profits of their companies, and become a good company that values its people.
All of our services are available in English, and we also focus on working with foreign clients who want to expand their business to Japan from all over the world, including the United States, Europe, the United King dam, Australia, and the Philippines.


  1. 2007 Graduated from Koyamadai High School
  2. 2009 Exchange student at University of the Philippines
  3. 2012 Graduated from Tsuda University
  4. 2012 Worked at a manufacturing company with domestic and international offices
  5. Passed the Social Insurance Labor Certification Examination in 2014
  6. 2017 Established Kuriki Social Insurance and Labor Law Office
  7. 2018 Trained at a senior social insurance and labor lawyer's office
  8. 2018 Worked at a pension office as a pension consultant
  9. 2019 Passed the Dispute Resolution Representation Exam

Seminar, Writing

  1. 2019 Writng books about subsidies for companies employing foreign employees.
  2. 2019 Writing a column on Workplace Reform
  3. 2019 Speaker at seminar on "Subsidies that companies employing foreigners can apply for," hosted by the Tokyo Association of Social Insurance and Labor Consultants International Labor Relations Study Group
  4. 2020 Seminar for foreign companies and foreign managers on "Social Insurance when set up business in Japan".
  5. 2021 Lecturer at Tsuda College
  6. 2021 Supervised articles on work style reform
  7. 2021 Wrting an article on subsidies